As a new archives professional, I am a fan of Kate Theimer’s blog, ArchivesNext. A friend sent me a link to Kate’s recent post about the “OverlyHonestArchivist” hashtag that made its Twitter appearance last week. A few favorites of mine include:

  • Actually you CAN find it all with Google Search, but we’re not going to tell you the special keyword to use
  • We actually have digitized EVERYTHING and could totally make it available on the web tomorrow. Just don’t want to.
  • I’ve had nightmares about being squished in the compact shelving.
  • I detest “National Treasure.”
  • If you pronounce Archivist ‘archive-ist’ I judge you and find you wanting
  • We create elaborate and detailed finding aids for collections we know deep in our hearts will never be requested
  • No living person has read the entire OAIS standard.
  • All of the pictures on my computer are in a folder called “pics”
  • When I wear white gloves I pretend I’m a character on Downton Abbey

While I’m not personally on Twitter, I do enjoy a good meme and I hope that more creative [and overly honest] archivists get into the spirit of this one.