University of Pittsburgh – School of Information Sciences
Pittsburgh, PA

I graduated in August 2012 with an MLIS in Archives, Preservation, and Records Management. Throughout my coursework, I learned in-depth archival theory on appraisal, access, advocacy, representation, and more.

My courses included:

  • Understanding Information (LIS 2000)
  • Introduction to Information Technologies (LIS 2600)
  • Library and Archival Preservation (LIS 2214)
  • Archives and Records Management (LIS 2220)
  • Archival Appraisal (LIS 2222)
  • Archival Access, Advocacy, and Ethics (LIS 2223)
  • Archival Representation (LIS 2224)
  • Digital Preservation (LIS 2674)
  • Preservation Management (LIS 2215)
  • Museum Archives (LIS 2225)
  • Moving Image Archives (LIS 2226)
  • Records and Information Management (LIS 2230)

Roanoke College
Salem, VA

I graduated from Roanoke College in May 2006 with a B.A. in History and French. I was part of the Honors Program as well as a member of many academic and extracurricular organizations. I worked at the circulation desk of Fintel Library for my entire four years there, and I was an archives student assistant from 2005-2006. I also worked as a student assistant with the Foreign Languages department.

During the summer of 2005, I was fortunate to be part of the Virginia Program at Oxford, where select students from six Virginia colleges studied together at St. Anne’s College at Oxford University. While focusing on 17th-century British history and literature, we frequently studied at Oxford’s famous Bodleian Library. The English “tutor” system is much different than we are used to in America!

I also studied abroad in Paris during an intensive learning course in May 2003, “Parisian Images and Icons.”


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